xTV 4K Q&E-C / Q&E Into ceilings

This model is designed specifically for INTO CEILING installations and it comes with a metal box to be fixed in place. A special mechanics allows to adjust the image by moving the internal light engine but without moving the product.

4K SIM2xTV is the “invisible” display system perfect for homes, offices, luxury and fashion stores, hi-class board rooms, top restaurants, yachts, museums, and many other environments. Designed without compromise, 4K SIM2xTV is that most unique of products, a beautifully engineered embodiment of a new way of thinking about creating the ‘big screen’ at home or in any other viewing environment. Thanks to the latest LASER illumination technology, 4K SIM2xTV delivers high brightness, over 20.000 hours of viewing and stunning color accuracy. Its innovative ultra-short throw lens enables 4K SIM2xTV to produce up to 120”* with perfect picture**. 4K SIM2xTV is housed in a pure crystal-glass and aluminium cabinet - designed by Giorgio Revoldini - that makes a dramatic statement in interior design: a classic, distinctive and timeless piece of art.

Key features

  • Resolution: 4K-UHD
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Display technology: DLP
  • Light source: Laser Source
  • Light source lifetime: 25,000 hours
  • Eye protection (Automatic turn off laser when people close by): Yes
  • Screen size focus range: 85”-95” , 95”-105”, 105”-120”
  • Suggested Screen Type (optional): Fresnel Lens Technology & Black/White Lenticular Technology

A new way of thinking

Create premium image entertainment in any environment with 4K SIM2xTV. This new patented SIM2 model combines the excitement of the big screen with the most discreet display device ever created, for a fully immersive viewing experience. When the display is turned off, it becomes totally inconspicuous.
4K SIM2xTV can be placed close to a wall, screen or vertical flat surface to display your favorite video content in stunning detailed clarity up to a size of 120 inches.

Innovative materials and craftsmanship

A perfect balance of beautiful design and exceptional materials to satisfy the most refined tastes, SIM2xTV blends a uniquely sophisticated combination of modernity, elegance, traditional craftsmanship and luxury. Designer Giorgio Revoldini has chosen an eternally contemporary shape in Aluminium and stainless steel, enhanced with crystal-glass, a pure and sustainable material, to bring a new dimension in luxury in product design.
Crystal-glass is resistant to light and high/low temperature variations, retaining its lustrous finish even after many years of use. And, from a purely aesthetic point of view, crystal-glass is simply stunning in appearance. We are all drawn to it. It is synonymous with luxury.


The big screen made easy

4K SIM2xTV is the result of years of intense research.
SIM2’s world-renowned R&D department challenged itself to combine the latest technological advances, extraordinary design thinking and exceptional performance into a product that is unmistakably SIM2. The use of LASER technology allows 4K SIM2xTV to reach a peak brightness up to 2900 ANSI Lumens almost instantaneously. Also materials as well the LASER technology makes the 4K SIM2xTV a truly “Green display” all parts are able to be recycled.
As an elegant alternative solution to large, cumbersome flat TVs, 4K SIM2xTV integrates beautifully into any living space. The crystal glass surface and aluminum finish add a luxurious feel to the product.

Freestanding, built-in and ceiling mounting complement your home decor

4K SIM2xTV features an elegant design, perfect for adding a special and unique touch to suit any room style (home, office, luxury and fashion stores, and many other environments), while creating a fully immersive SIM2-quality image when you want it. The ultra-short throw ratio lens allows you to place the 4K SIM2xTV close to the wall to achieve an impressive image size 120” diagonal.
4K SIM2xTV is designed to be projected onto any flat, light colored surface depending on your wishes.


Design meets technology

Hand-built in Italy to unparalleled standards, 4K SIM2xTV represents the pinnacle of SIM2’s design, craft and engineering skills. Combining traditional craftsmanship with high technology, 4K SIM2xTV delivers a combination of high performance, unique thinking and fastidious attention to detail – both inside and out.
4K SIM2xTV features a cabinet made of a special high-tech crystal-glass(1) crafted specifically to optimize image performance.
An elaborate optical coating is applied to each surface of the crystal- glass to ensure that any unwanted stray light is tightly controlled increasing the contrast and the picture quality. SIM2’s R&D department used complex raytracing analysis to finalize the specifications of these special coatings.

Design meets technology

4K SIM2xTV is an all-digital solid state device using LASER-hybrid illumination and DLP® picture technology to create images that are finely-tuned to reproduce the full diversity of colors, up to 2,900 ANSI lumen light output, exceptional clarity and extended dynamics expected of a SIM2 product.
WiFi & Apps: connect to your home network wirelessly for internet and OTA (over-the-air updates). Perfect for streaming movies, TV shows and clips.*
Audio: a truly cinematic experience wouldn’t be complete without high- quality sound thanks to high performance speakers placed in the frontal part of the product.
Media player: Watch movies directly from your projector without the need for a laptop or PC using the integrated media player. Copy your files to a USB stick and watch them on the big screen.

* Sim2 projectors work on a customized version of Android. Google Play services not supported. Not all third-party apps are compatible and may vary in quality and resolution.


Italian design & style

Italy is recognized as being a worldwide trendsetter and leader in design. SIM2 is an Italian company that for over twenty years has designed and manufactured videoprojectors and displays that are truly deserving of this world-recognized symbol of excellence. Choosing a SIM2 product means experiencing a wealth of positive emotions, whilst enjoying your favorite visual entertainment, it also means enjoying superior technology, functionality, versatility and reliability.
The unique and sophisticated design won the GOOD DESIGN Award, the oldest and most prestigious global awards for Design Excellence and Innovation organized by The Chicago Athenaeum.

Smart integration a lesson of style

SIM2 offers a complete solution as well as a custom made environment and décor dedicated 4K SIM2xTV solutions.
Not only optical Surfaces (up to 120”), to be used as screens in challenging environments, such as high ambient light situations or rooms with unsuitable wall surfaces. A wide selection of frame for Q&EC-C to be part of the interior décor (glass, wood, any color and finishing) up to specific furniture able to have an invisible solution with the style you wish: life style, classic etc mostly Made in Italy but not only.
The Optical Surfaces are available in a choice of 4 sizes:

  • 92 inches (model SIM2x92)
  • 100 inches (model SIM2x100)
  • 110 inches (model SIM2x110)
  • 120 inches (model SIM2x120)

Technical Specifications

DLP® Type and Image Resolution:

Resolution 4K-UHD - Aspect ratio: 16:9



Light Source and brightness:


Light source lifetime:

25,000 hours

Suggested Screen Type:

Fresnel Lens Technology & Black/White Lenticular Technology

Lens Throw ratio (+/-5%):


Sound output power:

2x15W bass reflex

Screen size focus range:

85”-95” , 95”-105”, 105”-120”

Wide color gamut:

84% DCI-P3

Eco & Power supply:

Power supply: 120V-240V
Standby consumption: ≤0.5W


HDMI1: HDMI2.0, ARC - HDMI2: HDMI2.0 - HDMI3: HDMI2.0 - USB (2.0): 1 - USB (3.0): 1 - S/PDIF Output: 1 (optical) - RS232: Yes - Service port: 1, Headphone

Dpm formats:

Container format: AVI, MP4, MKV, TS, FLV OGM
Audio: .wma,.wmv,.mp4,.FLAC,.MP2,.MP3 music(mp3 aac wma wav)
Picture: .jpeg,.bmp,.PNG,.GIF,.webp,.mpo