SIM2 R&D Director speaks about the SIM2 innovations.

The well known "tech guru" Alan Gouger has interviewed Domenico Toffoli, SIM2 R&D Director,  about the technology innovations that make the SIM2 projectors so good and special.
In 4 minutes, Alan and Domenico discuss about the HDR and the projection technologies, the local dimming, and the unique concept of the HDR DUAL projection system 


3 anniversaries in Brazil

Brasil May 15th, 2023

Last week SIM2 celebrated 3 anniversaries in Brazil:
The SIM2 30th anniversary.
The Som Maior 40th anniversary
The 20th anniversary of the partnership between Sim2 and Som Maior, the Sim2 distributor in Brazil


We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a distribution agreement with Oceanic Distribution which has been appointed as SIM2 distributor for Australia.